The following are testimonials from a few individuals that I've had the wonderful the opportunity to work with  over the years. 

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"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mollie at Bare Escentuals on the launch of a full new line of skin care products. Her diverse experience in technical aspects of formulations and deep understanding of ingredient functionality combined with her endless creativity made her an indispensable member of the core team and a major reason for the success of that program. Mollie’s insightful contributions and cross-functional working ability make her a high value addition to any business and team. "  Jim Ackerman - Regulatory Director, Shiseido Americas Corporation

"I truly enjoyed working with Mollie on a massive company initiative to launch our bareMinerals skincare line. Not only did she accurately capture the spirit and voice of the brand throughout all aspects of copy, she is also a pleasure to work with. She has a vast breadth of knowledge of everything related to product development and is particularly knowledgeable in skincare and ingredients. I would jump at the chance to work with Mollie again!" Michelle Murphy - Product Development Manager, Skincare, Bare Escentuals

“I had the pleasure of working with Mollie Jensen at Bare Escentuals and she is, without a doubt, an exceptional copywriter/creative. She has that rare combination of unique creativity, passion for her work, and high standard of quality.  Her attention to detail makes collaboration a pleasure. She is a wellspring of fresh ideas and committed excellence. I’ve witnessed her, under the most extreme pressure, turning out brilliant copy that enhances campaign strategy. She is a master at listening to the task objective, distilling the important information, and turning a concept or script into a successful execution that drives brand awareness. Plus, Mollie is a pure joy to work with and a wonderful human being.“ Amber Dobson - Associate Director, Photo and Video Production, Bare Escentuals

“I had the great privilege to work with Mollie on Project FIG - a leading skin care line for women.  Mollie was instrumental in virtually every aspect of the business.  She formulated exquisite products while adhering to business constraints and provided leadership from design to formula to supply chain management and everything in between.  Mollie was also a key member for all outbound marketing including web site content, product copy, social media and more.  While there is no doubt that Mollie is top in her field technically, as important she's an utter joy to work with and a calming presence across the entire team.  I would work with Mollie again in a heartbeat."  Harley Sitner - VP Marketing, Project FIG

“Mollie Jensen is passionate about creating beauty products, and is well versed in innovative concepts and creative product formulation with a focus on natural product chemistry, advanced cosmetic chemistry, ergonomic/eco packaging development. She has developed products from body care to skin care, and sun care to color cosmetics, and is one of the smartest and most creative professionals in the product development cosmetic industry. Not only is she fantastic to work with, and a great resource, she is tremendous with follow through and is always willing to help.”  Natalie Quinan - Marketing Communications Director, Hot Stone Communications

“Mollie specializes in product development and safety analysis of skincare, anti-aging, and beauty products.  Her custom formulation development services help entrepreneurs and manufacturers turn their innovative ideas into a finished product.  After a consultation she can understand the characteristics and specifications of the product you are looking to create. She offers indispensable guidance in the area of cosmetics testing and new product development and ensures that your product meets your expectations and the industry’s. We love partnering with Mollie!”  Russell Quinan - CEO, Hot Stone Communications

“We were very impressed by Mollie's breadth of knowledge about and her familiarity with the trends in the industry. She also has a fine sensibility for the quality and texture of skincare products. When we combined clinical stem cell technologies and created RESPERA for post-procedural care in cosmetology, we turned to Mollie for copywriting and proofreading our marketing materials. She always met the deadlines and has been wonderful in refining and effectively delivering the messages to our target audience. We will continue to work with her on our skincare market development.”  Kevin C. Weng - Ph.D., VP, RESPERA

"Mollie Jensen is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to skincare, product formulation and raw ingredients. She is highly creative and has an eye for what consumers both want and need in this industry. Her vast experience and passion for this field paired with her copywriting skills make her a force to be reckoned with. Truly a gifted woman and a pleasure to work with!"  Kyanne Goelz - Operations Manager, Eden Botanicals

“When I'm ready to launch a product I always run all my copy by Mollie. Whenever I have a question that all my other reference materials and sources can't answer I turn to Mollie. She’s a fountain of knowledge springing from years of experience in all aspects of product development, copy writing, sourcing, testing and marketing.  Plus she's fun to work with!"  Nieves Rathbun - President, By Nieves

“Mollie is a gem to work with.  She has consulted on product development and also done lots of copywriting for me.  My experience was wonderful.  She asks all the right questions and gives great answers.  I would highly recommend her services.”  Michele Corley - President, MC Skincare

"Mollie's extensive knowledge and experience as well as a true passion for her chosen field allows her to provide professional, researched and unmistakably dependable support and insight to any establishment she is a part of. She is a true professional and nothing but a pleasure to join forces with."  Tami Sisson - (former) Creative Director, YG Laboratories