Mollie Jensen


I’ve been associated with the beauty industry in one form or another for over 20 years. Starting fresh out of high school as a makeup artist, my dream was to conquer the world of makeup and be the next big thing in Hollywood just like my hero, makeup artist Rick Baker. As life would have it, I instead stumbled upon esthetics, where I became completely obsessed with the function of the skin and what makes it repair itself. 

In addition to esthetics, I served in a burn trauma unit as a Camouflage Therapist, coaching patients on how to effectively conceal their scars and care for their traumatized skin. Being in this environment ignited in me a passion for skincare ingredients and how they function on the skin.  It was from here that I landed a position as director of product development for one of the most successful pioneering natural skincare lines at the time, my specialties being product formulation and regulatory compliance. After the company was sold, I worked as copywriter for the foremost authority on cosmetic chemistry in the professional skincare industry, soaking up an even greater breadth of knowledge in cosmetic chemistry and regulatory affairs. I then took all of my acquired knowledge to guide clients on formulation and create compliance ready copy for their brand. I've been consulting for well over a decade now and still approach the process with the same love and thirst for knowledge as when I first began the journey. If you choose to partner with me I guarantee that my passion will drive your vision and your project will be treated as if it were my own. 

To your success...